Code of Ethics


Company Ethics Charter


We, the members of the large family of West Vision, make a covenant with faith, thanks to God Almighty, and with the establishment of the government’s moral charter, in order to achieve the company’s lofty goals and to move the country’s economic cycle with the development and excellence of this business. Be the following moral principles:

1- In any case, consider God as the overseer of our actions and behavior and the responsibility as a divine trust.

2- Our thoughts should be based on moderation, our decisions should be based on our tactics and behaviors within the framework of the law, while preserving human dignity, and we should avoid extremism, haste and arbitrariness.

3- Use our abilities to increase what we have learned, improve our attitude and cultivate our skills, and prepare ourselves to accept bigger responsibilities by striving to continuously improve our knowledge and expertise.

4- Be diligent in observing the ethics of the profession, be punctual and cheerful, and use a beautiful cover that fits the general culture of the society.

5- By observing discipline and creating a calm and healthy environment (in order to perform the organizational task as best as possible), the work environment is hopeful, away from tension, pleasant and in accordance with human affairs.

6- Always be confidential, honest and trustworthy of company information, members and customers, and in all matters, consider ourselves as sympathetic, companion and loyal to the organization.

7- Commitment to work and effort, service, participation in decision-making and decision-making in order to achieve the goals of the company should be our duty.

8- Human resources are one of our most valuable assets and we have a duty to use this asset in order to achieve successful results for the company and all members by participatory management, organizational learning and creating a team work environment.

9- Efforts to improve the quality of service delivery and improve speed, accuracy and precision based on modern technology, comprehensive and transparent information, observing justice and fairness in interacting with the client and performing organizational tasks are among our main tasks.

10- By strengthening the spirit of criticism and benefiting from the constructive criticism of others to improve performance, we should give ourselves a chance to reform our personal and business affairs and not resent critics who speak of breaking the law and regulations and criticizing actions.

11- Always respect the dignity and human rights and citizenship of individuals and protect it, respect the culture, customs, traditions and beliefs of customers and show it in our words and deeds.

12- The realization of the high goals of the organization depends on the observance and implementation of the current laws and regulations of marketing of national and national networks, and we are committed to observing the religious and cultural principles of the country and the principle of equality of all before the law.

13. In order to protect the national interest, it is necessary to observe the laws and regulations of the fight against money laundering and any other activity that supports organized crime, and we make it our top priority.

14- Satisfying the customer in a calm and tidy environment and handling their complaints with patience and openness is one of the main principles of our business.

15- By observing and supporting free and fair competition and with respect to other network marketing companies (licensed), it is necessary to be fair to competitors and the competition is based on the principles of professional ethics. (Avoid projecting and destroying other companies).

16- Selecting colleagues who are committed to the principles of professional ethics and strengthening the spirit of teamwork and group activities with consensus and cooperation to achieve the goals of the organization.

17. Dealing with colleagues and intermediaries who engage in marketing through unethical means, including paying bribes.

18- Honesty and truthfulness in information exchange and also refraining from providing deceptive reports, secrecy and purposeful removal of some information and timely information to marketers regarding any effective changes in fulfillment of obligations.

19- Refusing to receive and give extravagant gifts and holding too many entertainment and recreational programs for business parties.

20. Adherence to one’s word and commitment and fidelity to covenants, agreements and contracts, whether the law governs it or not.

21- Creating a balance between individual and group interests by prioritizing the group’s interests and fully supporting the members of the group in order to achieve their group goals.