about us

about us


21st Century Business Holding has set its vast Vision brand in line with health with unique products, from the lap of nature and a gift from God, which is the products of bees. vast Vision has chosen network marketing to achieve its goals of developing a health culture and delivering its unique products to a real customer. The 21st century trade has been able to come up with a unique and special idea due to its huge production in the field of royal jelly and due to its many experiences and of course the feeling of the need to send this precious product by mail without the need for freezing conditions. Find. We are proud to be the first company to be able to send fresh and organic royal jelly by mail without witnessing corruption. Twenty-first Century Business is the first company to provide Royal Jelly to the end consumer without any chemical composition and with only very little use of bee products, and not only is it very beneficial for people’s health, but it can also lead to financial progress and access. Dear colleagues to your financial goals. vast Vision is still the first company in the field of network marketing to be able to include fresh and organic royal jelly in its product portfolio, and with this valuable product, it will be able to quickly enter global markets and make a significant impact on people’s health.


Our approach is to be able to have a positive impact on the lives of our colleagues and by creating a training-oriented and different environment in line with the international method of network marketing, we can spend your time and energy in the direction of your favorite job and as a partner and partner. Be known as a vast Vision brand

We hope that by making strategic changes in this business, you can introduce it as a reliable business and achieve your desired goals with your merit and competence. By increasing its unique products and services, vast Vision hopes to be able to create the basis for increasing your sales, dear colleagues, and take a useful step in satisfying your customers.

Specific goals of vast Vision

♦ Dissemination and promotion of health culture
♦ Increase sales of health-oriented products
. Eliminate political boundaries for the health of mankind
♦ Increasing the company’s share of the unique network marketing market in the world
♦ Increase customer satisfaction in this unique business
♦ Creating independent bases for your colleagues in different countries

vast Vision Tasks

We ask our colleagues to raise their level of awareness in various fields of this business in line with the up-to-date international method and to be diligent in satisfying their new customers and partners.

It is understandable that if we want to experience a different and enjoyable tomorrow, we must strive differently and with motivation today

vast Vision Existential Philosophy

Ask people to live healthy and rich lives and work hard to achieve it, and to help them walk this difficult but enjoyable path with all our might.


Vast Vision as a powerful manufacturer in constructive interaction with its customers for increasing progress and gaining the best conditions in the market ahead. vast Vision, in cooperation with related companies in the field of Royal Jelly, as well as the use of modern experiences and technologies, along with motivating the use of organic and herbal products, seeks conditions to increase the global market and sell more products among its users and also create profitability. Mostly for your company and business partners (all partners and marketers)


Due to the spread of the wrong culture of using all kinds of fast foods and chemical preservatives in various foods, and various radiations such as mobile waves, etc., Vast Vision intends to use organic products as a flagship, especially bee products and on top of them. Royal Jelly promotes health and vitality and crosses political-geographical boundaries. Vast Vision intends to be the largest and first network marketing company to make fresh, high-quality, organic royal jelly as its strategic product, promising health and financial freedom for its business partners (partners and marketers), and by 2023, one million lives. Have a direct impact. To achieve this, with the help of our partners and business partners, we will increase the production of Royal Vast Vision gel up to 30 times.

Values and criteria

♦ Professional ethics in dealing with potential clients
♦ Customer orientation throughout the organization
♦ Product development based on organizational values
♦ Using the world method in trainings
♦ Create unique and valuable products to expand corporate sales
♦ Honesty and commitment
♦ Failure to cross current laws in favor of any person
♦ Creating entrepreneurial and production bases in other countries

‌♦ Customer loyalty